Posted on: March 5, 2009 1:49 pm

RBs (UPDATED 3/5/09)

F. Taylor to Pats

My Analysis:

The Pats are turning into the Broncos when it comes to RBs.  The crowded backfield also includes L. Moroney, S. Morris, and K. Faulk.  Of all these RBs, F. Taylor has been the most productive when he split carries with MJD.  I would expect a similar situation with Moroney and Taylor, and would see how the mock drafts treat this one.  For now, I think Moroney would be drafted first.  I would let someone else gamble on Moroney, and try to pick up Taylor in the later rounds.  Morris looks to be a waiver wire addition depending on Moroney's performance and injuries. 

L. Jorndan to Denver

My Analysis:

Stay away from Denver RBs in Fantasy Football!  Denver always has too many RBs, and you never know who will be the starter with any consistency.  Last year, when we thought we actually knew who the starter would be the majority of the time, Denver got decimated by injuries.  L. Jordan, R. Torrain, J. Arrington, and S. Young are currently the RBs for Denver.  You almost have to draft two Denver RBs to cover your bases, but none of them are top tier RBs so it would be better to handcuff your #1 RB instead of trying to platoon the Denver RBs.  Who ever becomes the starter will be a late round draft, but be ready to pick up the backup off the waiver wire just in case.

D. Ward to Bucs

My Analysis:

Should be a good situation for D. Ward.  He does have some competition with E. Grahm and C. Williams there as well, but I would look at E. Grahm as the starter with D. Ward stealing some carries.  Would be a good idea to handcuff E. Grahm with D. Ward.  I can see this as one way to go with an "unconventional draft", where you pick a stud QB and/or WR in the first rounds hoping to get E. Grahm to fall, D. Ward can cover you and should be available with a very late pick.

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QBs (UPDATED 3/5/09)

K. Warner stays with Arizona

My Analysis:

No surprise really, no other team fit as well for him.  It will be interesting to see what happens with A. Boldin, but with L. Fitzgerld emerging as the #1 WR, both players should see the same amount of production as last year.

M. Cassel traded to KC

My Analysis:

This is good news for everyone in Fantasy football.  Cassel is a better option than any QB KC had last year, and with some decent weapons (D. Bowe, T. Gonzalez, L.J.) he should be fine.  I would feel good drafting him as a backup QB, and think he could slip into later rounds with most of the QB focus likely to be on the returning T. Brady, Warner, and the usual.

D. Huard to SF

My Analysis:

He should be in the competition for starting QB, and even if he ends up starting the season as the backup, look for him to step in once the starting QB falters.  Keep an eye on him for a waiver wire pick up who could help out during a bye week.



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